10 Best Hidden Hikes In California

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Are you interested in hidden hikes in California? Out of all the trails in California, there are some beautiful hidden hikes that not everyone knows about.

1. Broken Hill

Near San Diego, try to visit the Torrey Pines State Reserve and climb up Broken Hill.

Many people know about the Torrey Pines State Reserve, but Broken Hill is not yet one of the most popular hikes in California, and that is good news for you.

This pine tree reserve is actually where one of the rarest pine trees in North America grows, which is incredible if you stop to think about it.

This tree, called the pinus torreyana in its scientific name, only grows within this park and on a few of the Channel Islands, which you can find off the California Coast.

Most people have never seen this type of pine tree in real life, so you should absolutely make these hikes in California part of your bucket list.

The Broken Hill trail is only a few miles, so it is easy to accomplish in a day.

There are lovely views of beaches in California on this hike, and you can see plenty of the original flora and fauna of old California in this park.

When you hike up the trail, you can take either the North or the South loop, which connect at the midpoint.

No matter which of the two trails you attempt, you will be able to see a beautiful view when the loops connect at the midpoint.

On some days you can see Mount San Jacinto, and on other days you can see the Pacific Ocean and all of the Torrey Pines.

2. Goat Canyon Trestle

Within the Anza Borrego state park, you can go on some hikes in California and discover the largest freestanding railroad trestle.

This trestle is in one of the remote corners of the park, so it will take an entire day to get there.

The benefit of this hike is that few people know about it, so you can explore without lots of tourists around you.

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