10 Times Batman Was The WORST Superhero

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I love Batman, but you know what, he’s kind of a d*ck! Whether it’s constantly disappearing on Jim Gordon during their conversations above the GCPD or alienating his fellow heroes by keeping so many secrets, the Caped Crusader has some serious personality issues.

Unlike Superman, Batman doesn’t try to be perfect, but does he really need to be such an a**hole all of the time? While he doesn’t really face world ending threats while fighting crime in Gotham City, Batman tendency to not act all that heroically has seriously damaged the iconic character’s credibility and the safety of those around him, and he’s committed some genuinely despicable and unbelievable acts over the years. In fact, for someone who tends to look down on his Justice League members, the Dark Knight might be the worst of the lot!

There’s no denying that Batman has done a lot of good and that he’s easily one of the greatest DC Comics characters ever created, but these are the moments Bruce Wayne wishes everyone would forget! Whether we’re talking about the times he’s gone way too far in his crusade against evildoers or just acted like a complete and utter jerk, here you will find the ten best examples of this hero at his very worst…

10. Starving One Of His Enemies To Death

Batman is known for having a strict no-kill policy, but just like the time he left Ra’s al Gul to die in Batman Begins, he doesn’t seem to have too much of an issue with not stepping in to prevent the deaths of his enemies. In Batman #420, the Caped Crusader faces off with KGBeast, and after an epic battle in the sewer, Batman tricked the villain into a dead end, quickly ended the fight, and ran off before locking the door behind him.

As a result, KGBeast was left trapped beneath Gotham with no food and only sewer water to survive off, and readers were left to assume that as he remained undefeated, the police were never sent to retrieve him, effectively meaning he would have starved to death. Of all the ways Batman has chosen to deal with his enemies over the years, this was by far one of the worst and most un-Batman like examples of his methods.

When a new writer took over the title, the story was retconned when a line about the hero calling the police was thrown in, but even if that was the case, this is a terrible way for a so-called hero to act. As I mentioned, Batman never defeated the hulking KGBeast, so if he really did just send some cops down there to deal with the bad guy, it would have been up to them to subdue him because Batman clearly couldn’t be bothered!

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