15 Alternate Versions Of Iron Man Armor (More Powerful Than Tony Stark’s)

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When it comes to suits of armor in the Marvel universe, Iron Man is the first name that comes to mind. Well, technically, it’s Tony Stark — he is the brilliant mind who created Iron Man, after all. He had a little help from his friend, Yinsen, but Stark is the man who brought Iron Man to life. Since then, Stark has expanded his arsenal of armored suits to arguably outrageous heights. Some of them were even created for the sole purpose of killing gods. At the same time, development of these armor has led other characters to do the same.

Once word of Stark’s initial creation spread around the world, a lot of interested parties wanted to duplicate what he did. Stark never gave his secrets up and only shared his technology with his most trusted allies, which fueled the drive of others to create armor even more. At one point, thieves sought out ways to steal them directly from Stark — see Spider-Man: Homecoming. Luckily, Stark has kept a tight lid on his technology falling into the wrong hands. Of course, that hasn’t stopped others from creating their own versions of his armor. For a look at some of the best versions, here is a list of 15 alternate armor that are more powerful than Stark’s.


Toni Ho, daughter of the legendary inventor, Ho Yinsen, kept the building of armored suits in the family. For those who don’t know, Yinsen helped Tony Stark create the first Iron Man armor. He died shortly after helping Stark complete the suit, which led to a deep-felt resentment for Stark. This eventually drove Toni to create armor of her own.

The first armor Toni created was a riff on the Rescue Armor. Originally made by Tony Stark for Pepper Potts, the suit first showed when Stark was temporarily placed out of commission. Toni Ho went on to create a duplicate suit that appeared identical to Stark’s. However, slight differences could be noted. For instance, Toni Ho’s armor added the ability to produce force-fields, which could be used as tangible weapons.

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