15 Alternate Versions Of Iron Man Armor (More Powerful Than Tony Stark’s)

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Diamondback’s power suit isn’t as much of an armor as it is a biological enhancement, seeing as how it augments the user’s strength and durability. He can first be seen wearing it in Season 1 of Luke Cage, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the last time we see one on the small screen (or the big screen).

As far as its resemblance to Iron Man goes, the Hammer exo-suit was obviously inspired by Stark’s original design; the suit’s function alone being proof of this. Hammer Industries was also looking into developing armored suits of their own in Iron Man 2 but failed miserably. Justin Hammer was taken into custody shortly after but someone kept up his work and has improved on it; Diamondback’s exo-suit being evidence. In turn, they were able to move past the simple goal of copying Stark’s suit to make something equally effective.


The Iron Monger armor has been featured in various mediums before, the most famous being Iron Man (2008). In that film, Stane took the design of Stark’s initial Iron Man armor and expanded upon it. The result turned out to be an imitation Hulkbuster which proved to have more raw power than any of Stark’s armor at the time. However, the Iron Monger proved to be ineffective against the original armor.

Once completed, Stark took the fight to Stane and ended the battle decisively. For Stane, it was much worse than just losing. To conceal the embarrassment of being arrested and humiliated, he took the coward’s way out and ended his own life. He wound up using the repulsor ray in his suit to disintegrate his head, thus ending Iron Monger’s run of terror.

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