15 Characters Warner Bros. (And The CW) Will Never Let The Arrowverse Use

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Nearly six years into its existence and the Arrowverse continues to expand. New characters debut every so often and classic locales in DC history crop up on occasion. It’s a treat to watch such moments unfold across ArrowThe FlashSupergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. However, what Warner Bros. and DC are willing to give, they will just as quickly take away. This sentiment has been most evident in characters that are apparently reserved for the DC Extended Universe’s exclusive use. In many respects, these unfortunate instances have caused the Arrowverse producers to relinquish plans. The abandoned Suicide Squad plot during Arrow season two offers one such example.

The confusing rules that govern character usage on The CW aren’t the only reasons the four shows may have to avoid using certain heroes and villains. Sometimes the cost to make a character fully functional on-screen tends to get in the way. Similarly, practicality with regards to a character’s live-action appearance is also a variable that may thwart attempts at bring them to the small screen. Either way, examining who can and cannot feature in the Arrowverse is a worthwhile venture we’re ready to embark on. Here are 15 characters The CW’s superhero slate may never use.


Years ago, hopes were high that the Green Lanterns in some form would make an appearance on either Arrow or The Flash. Many posited that should this occur, John Diggle would be worthy of a Lantern Ring. These hopes then shifted to Legends of Tomorrow, upon the show debuting the Justice Society of America. At the time, Alan Scott/Green Lantern’s appearing on the show seemed a sure thing.

Clearly, such fortune has yet to grace any of the four Arrowverse series.

The hero and all the various elements accompanying his existence are presently tied up in the DCEU. Therefore, it’s unlikely The CW will ever get a chance to explore the Lanterns in any capacity. This is one character fans of the Arrowverse appear to have accepted as firmly off limits.

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