15 Comic Book Characters You Forgot Are Gods

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This abstract entity is the literal embodiment of chaos, created by Jim Starlin and first appearing in “Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2.” It’s not exactly overflowing with personality, given that it has exactly as much as the construct dictates. Lord Chaos encompasses the concepts of disorder, formlessness and randomness. The comics have never clarified the origin of these abstract concepts, but it has been speculated that Lord Chaos might have once been an intelligent organism. At some point, the organism would have dedicated its existence to the area of its choice until it became synonymous with that concept. Lord Chaos may have also been created for a specific purpose, but that too remains a mystery.

Lord Chaos first appeared during the final war with Thanos, a mad Titanian who manipulated Earth’s heroes into doing his bidding. The full scope of Lord Chaos’ powers are unknown, but it can be safely speculated they are incredibly effective.


Master Order is the “brother” of Lord Chaos and its diametric opposite. This abstract entity is the literal embodiment of discipline, law, order and structure. It first appeared alongside Lord Chaos in “Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2.” Its powers have been confirmed to include cosmic energy manipulation, some form of immortality it and maintains a telepathic link with Lord Chaos and the brothers’ creation, the In-Betweener. Master Order does, however, lack a physical form. In order to appear, Master Order must use Manifestation Bodies from the Dimension of Manifestations in order to appear before Earth’s mightiest heroes.

It’s strongly implied that it was Master Order and Lord Chaos’ machinations that enabled Peter Parker to gain his powers, thus allowing him to play a larger part in the future of the cosmos. The essence of these cosmic beings have been used as a kind of infection to make the Fantastic Four fight amongst themselves, brought on by the In-Betweener.

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