15 Comic Book Characters You Forgot Are Gods

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This being spent most of his time being worshipped as the Japanese god of evil, but he’s been on the side of the good guys every now and again. Amatsu-Mikaboshi was created by Michael Avon Oeming and Scott Kolins, and first appeared in “Thor: Blood Oath #6” in 2005. One of his most powerful weapons is the mystical Grasscutter Sword, Kusanagi. However, Mikaboshi himself has the ability to fly, teleport, shape-shift, and survive in the vacuum of space without any kind of life support.

His biggest beefs haven’t actually been with any of his fellow Japanese gods, since after he recovered Kusanagi, he conquered Yomi (the Japanese underworld) with relative ease. Instead, Mikaboshi spent most of his time trying to defeat the Olympian gods by kidnapping Ares’ song and mortally wounding Zeus. Eventually, Mikaboshi was defeated. However, once “Secret Invasion” rolled around, Mikaboshi fought alongside his Olympic rivals in order to defeat the Skrull gods on the Skrull planet.


Sena the Wanderer was created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Scott Kolins, and first appeared in “Larfleeze #2.” She’s a part of the team known as the Gods of the House of Tuath-Dan, and is an antagonist of Larfleeze and Pulsar Stargrave. Sena uses telekinesis, energy projection, flight, as well as superhuman speed and strength. However, a vulnerability that the Gods of the House of Tuath-Dan share is if one of their members is killed, the rest of the team suffer physical consequences.

Sena has a tendency to want to bend anyone she wants to her will. One time she wanted to keep Pulsar Stargrave as a servant – but only after she either sterilized him or turned him into a woman. Pulsar eventually got away after Larfleeze put up a fight. Unfortunately, this enraged Sena to make Larfleeze’s constructs (which take the form of people he’s killed and are believed by some to be their actual souls) real in order to kill him.

In the end, Sena the Wanderer isn’t really on the side of good or evil.

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