15 Controversial Superhero Deaths That Outraged Fans

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Comic book deaths happen all the time. Sometimes they offer a tragic, yet beautiful end to a character’s story line, like the death of Captain Marvel. Other times they happen to set up a new story arc, like we saw in the Death of Captain America. Then there are the times characters get killed off, and everyone just goes ballistic. People lost their minds when Superman died back in the ‘90s. The event may have jump-started the comic book death craze that has become a cliche at this point, but things would be a lot different if that event happened today.

Meaningful death or not, there are some characters that fans will never accept losing. While no one likes seeing their favorite superheroes getting killed, there are times where the issue at hand is far more important. Sometimes a death can be problematic for a number of reasons, and the fans are going to let the publisher know. Whether it’s the character being killed off, the manner in which they are killed, or the reason for their end, comic book fans have taken to social media and message boards to voice their unhappiness about the deaths of many characters. Here are 15 controversial comic book deaths that outraged fans.


The 2012 series by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker proved to be the most controversial title among the original Marvel Now initiative. The story follows a group of young heroes who are forced to fight each other to the death on Arcade’s Murderworld. While the general plot didn’t seem to bother anyone, the manner in which the creative team went about eliminating characters seemed to irk some people.

Not only was this series predicated on the murder of kids, but their deaths were utterly meaningless in the context of the series and the Marvel Universe as a whole. On a long-term basis, we only ended up losing Mettle from Avengers Academy and Justin Seyfert, but the mindless death and gore just wasn’t what readers wanted at the time, though admittedly, the series did have a staunch and vocal fanbase.

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