15 Crazy Marvel Fan Theories That Turned Out To Be True

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The best thing about superhero TV is watching characters slowly grow into their comic book counterparts. Finally seeing Matt Murdock dawn his iconic red costume sent shivers down every fan’s back. The same can be said for The Punisher spray painting that skull. We’ve watched Misty Knight kick butt through two awesome Netflix series. From the moment of her introduction, fans have been waiting to see her bionic arm and in the comics, it was Tony Stark who outfitted her with it.

Towards the end of The Defenders, Misty lost her arm. This was as much an Empire Strikes Back easter egg as a shout to her comic book persona. Thanks to a recently released press shot for Luke Cage season two, we know that Misty’s bionic arm will be making its debut in all its glory.


How do you sell more comic books? One proven way is taking one of your most beloved heroes and turning him into a villain. Though many were outraged by Steve Rogers uttering “Hail Hydra,” the publicity stunt worked. Captain America held comic book headlines for months.

Marvel swore up and down that there was no trickery afoot. This was the real Steve, simply coming out of hiding after years under cover. Fans were not so easily duped, and many deduced that this switch must be the work of Kobik — it turns out they were right. Kobik not only messed with Cap’s brain, but actually created an entirely different timeline and universe centered around her beliefs that Hydra was the right way to live. Then she sent the real Cap back to punch the other guy in the face.

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