15 DC Heroes You Will NEVER See In The Movies

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In the many years during which superheroes have been beloved, there are a few superheroes who have been relegated to the pages of a comic book and have gotten little love on the screen. The mass audiences have a tolerance for a talking tree and his rocket-packing, racoon best friend but sometimes there are heroes too goofy, obscure or un-flashy enough for the movies. Also the costumes often suffer from the decade in which they were designed, which isn’t doing them any favors.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some saving graces to the heroes who will be passed by studio executives. Sometimes it’s better to keep those characters close in the comics, with the understanding that they will never hit the screen. Here. then, are 15 DC superheroes who won’t make it to a theater near you.


Colossal Boy, aka Gim Allon, first appeared in “Action Comics” #267 and created by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney. In that version, Supergirl travelled to the Metropolis of the 30th century, and met the Legion of Super-Heroes, of which Colossal Boy was a part. Each member got their powers genetically, but in another 1994 reboot written by Mark Waid and Tom McCraw, he was a Science Police officer who was grazed with a meteorite.

In any case, his powers allowed him to grow to a gigantic size and maintain super-strength in proportion to his size. He tends to have an on-again-off-again crush on his teammate Shrinking Violet, and depending on who’s writing the story (and whether or not she’s secretly a shapeshifter), it may or not be returned. It’s unlikely that Gim will ever show up on the big screen, unless Legion of Super-Heroes gets a lot of unprecedented attention by producers.

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