15 DC Heroes You Will NEVER See In The Movies

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Zan and Jayna, aka the Wonder Twins, have been the butt of many pop culture jokes, and probably the first two superheroes who actually debuted on TV rather than in the pages of a comic book. They were the first characters created by Norman Maurer for “The All New Super-Friends Hour,” debuting in the episode “Joyride” in 1977. They had a few tie-in comics, but they were introduced into the main DC universe in “Extreme Justice” #9, written by Ivan Velez Jr and released in 1995.

“Extreme Justice” rewrote the Wonder Twins’ origin story as alien refugees. Zan has the ability to turn into any type of water-based creature and Jayna can transform into any type of animal. When they were stranded on Earth, they were attacked by locals who couldn’t understand their alien language. Eventually, they were adopted into the Justice League once everything settled down. The Wonder Twins are unlikely to be taken seriously enough for the length of a feature film, but who knows? Maybe the Spock look will be “in” again soon.


Oh boy, that mask is reason alone to never be seen in the movie theater. B’wana Beast was created by Bob Hanley for “Showcase” #66 in 1967. He started out as Ranger Mike Maxwell, who was flying helicopters in the Zambesi Game Preserve. Then, it is suddenly revealed that he turns into the mighty B’wana Beast from drinking a serum and putting on his helmet, which was given to him by his gorilla friend Djuba. His powers include the actual genre of body-horror, as he can combine two separate animals into a chimera over which he has total mind control.

He spends most of his time in Africa, fighting the immortal Hamid Ali and trying to rescue Djuba from evil American scientists. Unfortunately, he didn’t last long before deciding to retire in the series “Animal Man” written by Grant Morrison. However, since he’s already been made fun of on “Teen Titans Go” for being a discount Beast Boy, B’wana Beast probably won’t be fusing animals anytime soon.

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