15 DC Heroes You Will NEVER See In The Movies

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Jose Delgado was introduced in “Adventures of Superman” #428, but his alter-ego Gangbuster didn’t show up until #434 in 1987, and created by Marv Wolfman. Jose grew in Metropolis’ Suicide Slums, and was a boxer before he became a teacher. That was what made him pick up Gangbuster’s mask in the first place. When Lex Luthor decided to add youth gangs to Metropolis’ organized crime problems, Jose decided to do something about it with his fists.

He worked as a bodyguard for Cat Grant for a while as Jose Delgado, but Jose has a history having trouble holding down jobs. Jose doesn’t have any superpowers, but after a devastating spinal cord injury, he accepted Lex Luthor’s offer of cybernetic implants that would allow him to walk again. He also worked with Black Lightning for a while in “Black Lightning” #7, trying to bring down a Gangbuster imposter who was using much more violent methods. Gangbuster probably isn’t well-known enough to get his own movie and probably wouldn’t stack up particularly well against the super-powered heroes of the Justice League on the big screen… especially with that logo.


Andrew Nolan has the ability to turn into iron, but it’s doubtful that an iron-clad contract will be written to get him into the movies. Ferro Lad first showed up in 1966’s “Adventure Comics” #346, and created by Jim Shooter. He was another Legion of Super-Heroes member from the 30th century, and had a twin brother named Douglas with the same power. Unfortunately, their metahuman abilities came with a deformity of the face, so both wore masks in order to hide them. This Silver Age version of Ferro Lad was killed off pretty quickly, but not because he was deemed unworthy of continuation. Jim Shooter originally wanted to make Ferro Lad African-American, but was prevented from doing so because then-editor Mort Weisinger thought it would hurt their distribution in the South.

Another version of Andrew and Douglas Nolan showed up post “Zero Hour,” but this version of the pair were from the 20th century and were the sons of a famous actress. However, given that the deformity would force an actor to wear a mask for the entirety of their performance, Ferro Lad won’t be showing up in a Justice League or Justice Society of America movie soon.

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