15 Details Only Real Marvel Fans Have Noticed In The MCU

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been alive and kicking for ten years, and in that time has brought us 18 films that explore various heroes, villains, worlds and realms in numerous adventures. But because the scope of these films has only grown larger as time went on, more and more references were discretely (and sometimes not so discreetly) placed in each film. As the worlds these heroes inhabited began to grow, so did the references. We’ve now reached a point in the MCU where smaller references have actually led into full films and characters making their debut.

That’s largely because the landscape of the MCU is about to change once Thanos crashes to Earth in his search for the rest of the Infinity Stones. And we can thank Kevin Feige for this, since he clearly has a detailed plan for the overarching story of the entire cinematic universe. But whether it’s namedropping a classic hero in a database or just paying homage to the comics that have come before it — the writers and directors behind the scenes clearly have such a deep love for the source material. Here are 15 details only real Marvel fans have noticed in the MCU.


Doctor Strange opened the door to whole host of mystical references to the comics. One that is specifically name dropped by Mordo is the Staff of the Living Tribunal. He uses it when training Strange in combat, beating him fairly swiftly since Mordo is already trained in various fighting styles. It’s here that we also learn that a relic has to choose the wielder, like the cape chooses Strange.

But the Living Tribunal was an actual character, who can judge entire planets and multiverses depending on the capability for evil. In fact, it was the team-up between the living Tribunal and The Spectre that created the Amalgam Universe between Marvel and DC! Although we highly doubt that will ever make its way on-screen, unless Disney sets their sights a little bigger that is…

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