15 Lazy Villains That Are Just Rip-Offs Of The Heroes They Fight

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A hero is only as good as their villain. You’ve heard that phrase many times. We’ve all seen people take an interest in a well-written villain that poses a physical and psychological threat to the heroes we’re rooting for. While comic books have brought some fantastic villains to the pages and the big screen, many of them suffer from a big problem: they’re just rip-offs of the heroes they fight — we’ve seen it numerous times before. A hero gains a new power but a villain gains a similar one at around the same time. Their conflicting ideals on what to do with those powers put them at odds with each other and they duke it out in the climax of their story. People have criticized Marvel for doing this with their movies, but DC has been known to do this as well.

While the design of a villain being close to the heroes they fight doesn’t make them bad characters, but it is a blemish on their personality. When the entire pitch for a character boils down to, “it’s just like the hero, but he’s evil and has opposite colors,” then you may want to go back to the drawing board. Here are 15 villains that are just lazy rip-offs of heroes.


The Justice League of America happened to be one of the strongest forces to protect Earth. Having brilliant minds like Batman and Martian Manhunter along with powerhouses like Superman and Red Tornado, there are little villains capable of standing up to them. However, there was a group that came from another Earth that gave them a run for their money.

This roster of villains was known as the Crime Syndicate, and if there were five words to sum them up, they would be: the Justice League but evil. That’s essentially all there is to the Crime Syndicate. Sure, they have different names and designs, but hold identical powers. They just decided to use their abilities to destroy the Earth rather than protect it. Not exactly the most original supervillain team.

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