15 Lazy Villains That Are Just Rip-Offs Of The Heroes They Fight

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Of all the Spider-Man villains, Venom remains one of the most popular. After Eddie Brock was bonded with a symbiote from outer space, he became an alien bad guy who had similar powers to the wall-crawler. While Venom has become iconic in Marvel’s history, there’s no denying that he’s little more than an evil Spider-Man.

Both Spider-Man and Venom can shoot webs and sling themselves through the streets of New York. They have crawling powers and can stick to walls. They even share a spider sense. In the wake of much more imposing threats like the Green Goblin, it seems like Venom was a momentary lapse in creativity for the minds at Marvel. Even Carnage is guilty of the same thing — except he’s a murderous sociopath.


Aquaman had his work cut out for him when Black Manta came from the surface and posed a threat to Atlantis. Here was a regular citizen learning the secrets of the Atlanteans and devising his own tech to combat them. This has led to a villain with a very interesting design (and one that easily leaves an impression), but the execution leaves him feeling very similar to Aquaman.

Black Manta wields a trident, has super strength, and can swim very quickly. While he does differentiate himself by the use of missiles and a high-tech suit, he still falls victim to feeling a little same-y to Aquaman. Part of the reason that Black Manta has remained so popular is simply because of how classic and memorable his design is. Thankfully, James Wan will be using it in the Aquaman movie.

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