15 Marvel Characters You Never Knew Were Mutants

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For a number of years, the “X-Men” were so popular that most of Marvel’s highest-selling titles were either “X-Men” or related to “X-Men” in some way (“X-Factor,” “Wolverine,” “New Mutants”/”X-Force,” etc.). It got to the point when characters began to associate with “X-Men” even if they had no connection at all. “Spider-Man” promoted itself as Marvel’s most popular non-mutant. A new “Namor” ongoing series launched by touting him as Marvel’s first mutant. Being a mutant was the thing to be for many years.

In recent years, things have calmed down a bit, and in fact some characters that were declared to be mutants (like Squirrel Girl, Toro, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver) have turned out to not be mutants. However, there are still plenty of mutants out there that people still don’t know about, especially the much rarer alien mutants. Here, then, are 15 Marvel characters that you probably didn’t know were mutants, ranked in terms of how surprising it is that they are mutants.


After the Avengers were seemingly killed during Onslaught, the Great Lakes Avengers, a not-quite-affiliated team that Hawkeye tried to whip into fighting shape, decided that they needed to change their name. So they picked the Lightning Rods in honor of the new group of heroes known as the Thunderbolts. Of course, they felt silly when it turned out that the Thunderbolts were criminals. They debated what to call themselves until they realized something important: they were all mutants! Therefore, they called themselves the Great Lakes X-Men for a while before going back to the being the Great Lakes Avengers.

The mutant members of the team are Mister Immortal (who cannot be killed), Doorman (who can teleport people through his body – he died and became a new agent of Death), Flatman (who can stretch) and Big Bertha (who can dramatically increase her size). Squirrel Girl used to be a mutant member of the team, as well, but she recently discovered that she wasn’t a mutant. They recently added a new member, Good Boy, who may or may not be a mutant, as well. Since they literally called themselves X-Men at one point, they’re the least surprising mutants.

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