15 Marvel Characters You Never Knew Were Mutants

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Devil Dinosaur was actually part of a mutant team, it just wasn’t any of the popular mutant teams. Devil Dinosaur, and his best buddy, Moon Boy, were part of the team of mutant outcasts known as the Fallen Angels. That team was formed when Sunspot accidentally nearly killed Cannonball during training. He fled to New York and Warlock followed him. Madroxand Siryn were sent to keep an eye on them and they all ended up caught up in a sort of gang of young mutants led by the Vanisher. They broke free of the Vanisher and formed their own team (but mostly just hung out).

Devil Dinosaur is a mutant due to his intelligence, which is close to that of a human, and possibly his whole red look. Interestingly, in his current series, “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur,” he’s paired with an Inhuman. See, this shows that mutants and Inhumans can get along!


A few years after Kraven the Hunter took his own life in the classic “Spider-Man”storyline, “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” his son took over the family business, as it were, as the Grim Hunter. For some reason, though, the Grim Hunter was not enough for the “Spider-Man” titles, so they then introduced Kraven’s other son, Alyosha Kravinoff. Alyosha’s mother was a mutant and Alyosha had the mutant power to be basically super-strong, fast and agile like his father. He essentially had the same powers as his dad, only his came from being a mutant while his father got his from potions.

Amusingly enough, Aloysha went through a period where he decided to become involved in producing films. This led to the mini-series, “Get Kraven.” When that was finished, Aloysha went crazy, but eventually he was replaced when his father was resurrected. His father and his sister hunted Aloysha down and killed him.

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