15 MCU Moments That Were Ripped Straight From The Comics

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While comic books provide extremely rich source material for the films, the stories on screen are usually very different from the comics. In the past, this was often due to budgetary reasons or because special effects just weren’t good enough to recreate the giant scope of the extraordinary splash pages of the comic books. There also still exists rights issues regarding character ownership when it comes to the films, but the special effects have improved so dramatically over the last decade that almost anything seen on those pages is now possible.

At the end of the day, films rely on a budget, contractual obligations, the eligibility of actors and the creative decisions of the studios that are behind each film. Although they can’t always reproduce the best comic book stories given all the different factors that can influence a film, they sometimes takes cues from the comics or reproduce iconic shots to pay homage to where the story came from. Some of the following, diehard comic fans will probably already know, but for those moviegoers that are not as familiar with the source material, here are 15 Marvel Cinematic Universe scenes (in no particular order) that are ripped straight out of the comics.


In the comics, the Soviets found Bucky Barnes frozen in the English Channel, brainwashed him to the point where he couldn’t remember his name and turned him into their spy. He had absolutely no recollection of his previous life. He was a shell of a man trained to the peak of human condition who was brainwashed to hate the West. In the films, the exact same thing takes place, except the Soviets are replaced by Hydra.

Ed Brubaker’s run of Captain America comics is considered to be some of the best Cap stories around. The Winter Soldier’s famous line from the story is brought to life in Captain America: The Winter Solider. Cap is shocked to discover that the mysterious Winter Soldier turns out to be his old sidekick, who he thought was dead. When confronted, the Winter Soldier icily replied the iconic line: “Who the hell is Bucky?”

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