15 Moments In The MCU That Made Us CRINGE

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Now that “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” has hit theaters, Marvel has officially completed 15 movies in its growing cinematic universe. With bigger and bolder projects coming out over the next few years, fans continuously get excited at the mere mention of any future Marvel film. But in the past, not every second of every Marvel movie has been entirely perfect, charismatic, and well executed.

In the past nine years, there have been more than a few awkward points in time where a moviegoer just cringes at a piece of dialogue or plot point or generally uncomfortable moment in the course of a Marvel film. All movies face these pitfalls; no one is perfect. But luckily, the majority of the film is awesome. So Marvel, we aren’t laughing at you, we’re just laughing with you when we count down the top 15 most cringe inducing moments in Marvel movies.


In the debut picture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Iron Man” puts its titular hero into more than a couple awkward predicaments. The amazing action, superb character building, and setup of a broader universe to come are all kicked off by a pretty cringe-inducing one-liner at the very beginning of the film. “I don’t want to see this on your MySpace page.” Though the line may feel right for Stark, it definitely is an awkward laugh.

MySpace was almost already a dated reference in 2008 and is even more of a head-turner upon re-watching the film nearly a decade later. Also, in the context of the film, riding with army men through Afghanistan is hardly the time to take a lighthearted photo or exchange quips. Marvel’s humor is almost always spot on. However, this exchange proves that the first film in Marvel’s slate experienced some growing pains and was not an immediate winner right away, at least as far as dialogue is concerned.

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