15 Moments In The MCU That Made Us CRINGE

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This scene in “Doctor Strange” shows the titular hero fighting off the big baddies in an action spectacle. With buildings turning on their sides and emotional moments building to their climaxes, the film feels like it has reached the peak of the Marvel formula. And then there was the cape scene.

The magical cape that assists Stephen Strange is intriguing. It’s like Aladdin’s flying carpet for a new generation. It was fun and whimsical and let’s be honest, a delight of a turn that we didn’t see coming. But did it need to be there? In an action sequence that is so amazingly impressive, this felt like Marvel was trying to get over a new character (probably to sell more toys) rather than tell an integral part of the story. Again, it was fun, but it was an expendiature that we felt was largely unneeded and afforded yet another bit of levity to a movie already, in many fans’ eyes, overly saturated with it.


Tony Stark, as the man in the machine, is nothing without his signature sense of humor. The signature sarcasm and dark wit of Robert Downey Jr.’s now iconic role brings him more into the reality that we know. He is someone who feels real and expresses humor in a human way to relieve tension. That being said, tensions are still absurdly high at the end of “Captain America: Civil War,” when Stark confronts Cap and Bucky.

Tony Stark barely has any comedic one-liners throughout the duration of “Civil War.” After being told that he was responsible for the murder of hundreds, he (understandably) isn’t in much of a jokey mood. When the film reaches its climactic airport scene and his best friend is thrown out of the air and put into critical condition, one would assume that he also would refrain from any jokes. However, Tony’s one-liner comes after all of this when referring to Bucky as “the Manchurian Candidate.” After all the suspense that the movie had built up in showcasing Tony’s character, this otherwise innocuous reference fell completely flat.

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