15 Most Controversial X-Men Stories

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Marvel’s X-Men have provided us with a lot of big, world-defining moments throughout their history. Yes, some have actually managed to live up to the oft-hyped billing, changing the status quo of things. While a few hit the mark, many have missed, but what’s undeniable is that they have provided us with a lot of controversy and talking points over the years. The movies from Fox have been polarizing but when added to the twists and turns in the comics, you can see why the children of the atom are just as hot a property as the Avengers, no matter the medium.

Mutants will always be under the microscope because of how intriguing they are, whether they’re being led by Professor Xavier, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine or Magneto. They are considered outsiders and even after integrating into books like Avengers Arena and Uncanny Avengers, you can’t help but feel they’ll always be on the fringes. Even recently in Secret Empire, you can see that mutantkind has and will always be a huge part of big crossovers and storylines. So, with that in mind, CBR decided to look into some of the most controversial arcs, plots and overall events involving the species to this very day.


After seeing the Avengers torn apart in Mark Millar’s Civil War event, Marvel decided to give the same treatment to their mutants via Schism. In this case, though, it felt organic than Civil War thanks to years of tension between Cyclops and Wolverine. Their philosophies differed, especially in the wake of Xavier’s dream being eschewed by Scott, and while Cyclops was willing to use child soldiers, Wolverine the Avenger was a new man with new ambitions for peace.

It really flipped the script on both parties as they divided their people and went into battle. Sides were chosen and we ended up having two schools for gifted youngsters from this, giving us a pair of mutant armies with different visions for their future. Marvel also played up personal beef, especially with both men loving Jean Grey, giving us the fight we all wanted to see happen. All was indeed fair in love and war.

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