15 Superheroes Who DESTROYED Wolverine

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When you look back at the introduction of Wolverine in Incredible Hulk #181, he was inherently designed to be like his namesake, a rugged animal that takes on bigger animals and is so dogged in its determination and ferocity that it can take down prey many times its size. However, as you might expect, the entire concept of a smaller dogged animal is that it gets knocked around a lot, but just keeps on fighting.

That has been the case in Wolverine’s comic book history, as well. He’s not some untouchable hero. He’s the guy who gets knocked out ten times and gets back up ten times to continue the fight. As a result, he has received some serious beat downs over the years, including from fellow heroes. Here, then, are 15 heroes who have, at one point or another, DESTROYED Wolverine.


Towards the end of his run on Uncanny X-Men, writer Chris Claremont was doing a long-running subplot (that was basically abandoned once Claremont left the series) about Wolverine’s healing powers not working properly and about the hero slowing down in general. This was highlighted by a story that came out during a time when the X-Men were disbanded where Wolverine was captured and crucified by the Reavers. Only the intervention of a young mutant by the name of Jubilee saved his life.

When the team got together, Wolverine clashed with new teammate, Gambit, in Uncanny X-Men #273 (in a sequence drawn by the great Michael Golden) and Gambit took Wolverine apart easily. Wolverine had a victory in a rematch with Gambit during the Muir Isle Saga, but as it was handled by a different writer, it didn’t really feel like much of a conclusion to the character arc.

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