15 Ways Thanos and the Black Order Are Marvel’s Most Savage Team

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Thanos has long been one of the most effective solo artists in the Marvel Universe, ascending to Godhood on multiple occasions, and even successfully destroying all life in tribute to his Mistress Death. In Marvel’s Infinity, Thanos finally forms a supergroup, anointing five Dreadlords of his deadly Black Order. The warlords Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Supergiant, and Black Dwarf are all cosmic threats in their own right, banding together to wage unspeakable horrors across the galaxy. Together, Thanos and the Black Order are one of Marvel Comics’ most dangerous teams, and absolutely its most savage cosmic threat, savoring every kill and planet scorched to its core.

Not only that, but the Black Order are a part of the greatest stretch of Avengers comic books this decade (and some of us would argue of all-time), as the villains of the first event in Jonathan Hickman’s three-plus year run on Avengers and New Avengers. Given this very recent creation, the Black Order have had to make the most of their limited appearances. The Order has certainly suffered some defeats (Black Dwarf will never forget the name T’Challa), but all in all they’ve proven that with Thanos to lead them, they are Marvel’s most savage supervillain team.


In Infinity #6, during Thanos and the Black Order’s war on Earth, the Avengers return to confront the threat, sending in an armored Hulk first. Thanos punches the Hulk into next week, before the married couple Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight defeat the Incredible Hulk in combat. Glaive is taunting the green rage monster and about to sever the Hulk’s head from his body when Captain America’s mighty shield blindsides him.

Even worse for the Hulk, as the battle carries on, Proxima Midnight holds him down to the ground, rendering him completely ineffective. It’s only after Captain America bails out Hulk yet again by deflecting Midnight’s blasts into Corvus Glaive that the tide of battle finally turns in favor of the Avengers. No thanks to the Hulk!

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