16 Things About The Marvel Universe That Netflix Just Can’t Get Right

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It may be entertaining to watch heroes like Daredevil or Jessica Jones kicking butt on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean the series get everything right about the Marvel Universe. There are certain things that work and feel like authentic moments from the comic books, but a lot of plot points and character decisions just feel clunky or unnecessary. Even the action scenes, one of the things that stands out from the first season of Daredevil, are made inconsistently and dip in quality as the Netflix Universe marches forward.

Obviously, there are a lot of great things going for these shows and the fact that the shared universe equation succeeds on the silver screen is an impressive accomplishment, but that doesn’t mean everything works. For every successful, tense scene, there are a handful of moments that hold each series back and remind viewers that they are watching cheesy television shows. The Marvel Universe is a cheery place with room for growth and infinite potential, hopefully the Netflix shows can tap into that spirit and grow as things progress in the near future. Pause your stream for a second and come check out these 16 things Netflix can’t get right about the Marvel Universe!


While the Netflix series take place in the same cinematic universe movies that The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy take place in, the television shows do not cross over with the films. In fact, the series go out of their to isolate themselves from the various movies. No big screen superheroes ever make appearances or are even directly mentioned by name. The closest thing to a direct reference comes when someone calls Luke Cage the “Captain America of Harlem,” but landmarks like Avengers Tower or Stark products never appear in the various New York set series.

Part of what makes the Marvel Universe such an entertaining place is the interconnection. It’s common for heroes like Captain America and Daredevil to cross paths, but the Netflix shows aren’t allowed to cross over in the same fulfilling way.


One of the through lines between all of the Netflix series is the heavy presence of The Hand. A centuries old clan originally from Japan, the organization is a mystical group that uses its global network of ninjas and assassins to further its various plots. While they are deadly and complex, the heavy focus on the group results in them losing their mysterious sheen and coming across as less interesting every time they make an appearance.

Since they were meant to be the big villain in The Defenders,the group was constantly teased out and discussed in various series.

By the time they made presence felt in The Defenders, it’s hard for the audience to care because we’ve already seen them fight Marvel’s street-level heroes numerous times.

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