20 DC Costume Changes From The Last Decade That Fans Didn’t Like

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DC Comics has one of the largest and longest staple of superheroes ever. Some of DC’s most famous heroes, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, have been around for almost a century and have ascended to the level of pop culture icons that everyone knows by name. All this even though their heroes haven’t changed too much in function — Batman still lost his parents, Superman comes from a destroyed planet to be Earth’s hero, etc. While all of this stays the same, it’s in how they look that superheroes really go through any real changes. In the past decade especially, DC Comics has gone in overdrive in redesigning their heroes and their entire history. Between the tail end of pre-Flashpoint era, the New 52, DC You and DC Rebirth, the DC Universe has been through a lot of cosmetic changes since 2008.

For the most part, DC Comics costume changes have been fine or have last a small enough time to not even be noticeable. Yet, on occasion, the changes that DC has made to the looks of their classic heroes have been too ridiculous to not call out. This a collection of the worst of the worst when it comes to DC Comics’ wardrobe. This isn’t a judgment of the stories that these costumes appear in, at all. Some great comic plots have had some truly hideous costumes. However, this is just about the fashion as we explore all of the real fashion don’ts of the DC Universe from the past decade.


When Harley Quinn first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, it was by fully embracing the harlequin part of her persona. Harley wore a one-piece, red and black jester outfit and that same costume continued into the comics when Harley made her debut on the page.

However, by 2011 and the New 52, DC felt that Harley needed a newer and much less practical outfit. The jester ensemble evidently didn’t show enough skin, so Harley was made to wear a corset that barely fit, had two-tone hair and have her bottom covered by the slightest suggestion of shorts. The whole outfit is ridiculous and embraces Harley as a goddess to an insane and almost insulting degree.


Harley Quinn’s New 52 design looks like a nun’s habit though when compared to what DC did to Starfire. Princess Koriand’r has always been one of DC’s more skimpy characters but it’s always been within reason and within her character. Starfire, due to her alien nature, is much more open about her body than the average human.

In the New 52 DC went too far. Starfire was no longer a fun free spirit but just an airhead. Starfire’s New 52 costume can only be called an outfit in the most technical sense. It covers up the parts of Starfire’s anatomy just enough to get published. For obvious reasons, we won’t even show what it was here.

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