7 Of The Most Dangerous Hikes In America

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To many a visit in the great outdoors means a leisurely stroll along a well-maintained hiking trail at a nearby state park. For extreme adventurers, a simple hiking trail doesn’t get their heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Instead, they are on the lookout for intense and thrilling challenges that even the most seasoned outdoorsman is terrified to complete. If you are an extreme adventurer, look no further than these 7 dangerous hikes.

1. Mount McKinley, Alaska

The Alaskan wilderness is a different beast in itself. It is remote, sprawling, frigid, and is truly wild. It’s populated by few humans but many large animals. Alaska is also home to the continent’s highest peak — an arduous journey to the top that involves hacking through bush and often treacherous wind and ice, and possible altitude sickness. The summit soars above the landscape at 20,000 feet high with endless amounts of wildlife along the way — including Black and Grizzly bears and moose among other creatures. Despite many successful journeys to the top, typically just over 50 percent of aspiring climbers actually make it to the top, and more than 100 have died trying to get there over the past century.

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