Across The Universes 15 Blockbuster Crossovers That Everyone Forgets Happened

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Comic book crossovers have been all the rage since the ’70s. The most notable of examples feature in inter-company crossovers, such as Marvel characters appearing in DC books. In the early days, heroes like Batman and Superman fortuitously ran into The Incredible Hulk or Spider-Man. Adventurous times these were, opening the door for further exploration on this front. To date, the trend has yet to show any sign of ceasing. Characters in the Archie comics, Betty and Veronica, are starring in a series where Gotham’s leading ladies visit Riverdale — Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica. Batman and the Turtles were making waves in their Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle miniseries. Crossovers of this nature seem a perpetual cycle — evidently, they are profitable.

Among the big league team-ups or versus matches that most people appear aware of are a select few forgotten gems. The big two publishers, DC and Marvel, are not exclusively having all the fun. Real world figures from popular culture have made riveting comic transitions, as well. Additionally, IDW and Image Comics also give their characters a chance to garner the limelight elsewhere. In this list, we’ll take a look at 15 comic crossovers that do not often receive their proper due.


The year 1991 ended with an unlikely, but utterly apropos crossover between Batman and Judge Dredd from writers Alan Grant and John Wagner. This creative duo could not be a more fitting pair. Grant’s responsible for the likes of Batman rogues the Ventriloquist and Victor Zsasz, and Wagner is co-creator of Judge Dredd. Theirs is a match made in Heaven that culminates in something quite special — a adversarial team-up between two of comics most iconic paragons of justice. The tale opens with Dredd villain Judge Death incidentally crossing dimensions and landing in modern Gotham City, where he murders innocents.

After defeating the foe, Batman finds the device that led to the intrusion and is transferred to Dredd’s city of Mega City-One.

Whilst there, he’s arrested by Judge Dredd for vigilantism and sentenced for his crimes. Eventually the Bat’s broken out of holding and returns to Gotham, where Judge Dredd follows to bring Judge Death to justice. Inevitably, they finish victorious with all evil-doers put in their proper place. By book’s end, it seems Dredd and the Dark Knight still aren’t on good terms, yet harbor mutual respect. Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement on Gotham marks but the first in a series of four adventures for the two.

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