Arrow 8 Perfectly Cast Roles And 7 That Desperately Need To Be Recast

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From the day superheroes have shown up on the big and small screen, fans have had an opinion on the casting. Sometimes it’s so perfect, no one can really fault it — this is the Christopher Reeve effect. Then there are those times fans go crazy, only to be proven completely wrong. See Michael Keaton. Basically, it’s anyone’s guess on how audiences will react to superhero casting. With a never ending amount of TV shows and movies, along with the ease of social media, fans have no problem letting everyone know which actors they like and which ones they could do without.

In the case of The CW’s Arrow, it started the network’s superhero franchise, so casting decisions on that show affected other aspects of the Arrowverse. Someone in the Arrow casting department made the awesome choice to give us Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Some of the choices were spot on, while others are more questionable. This is in no way a knock against the actors playing these roles. It just means they weren’t the best choice to embody that character. So, it’s time to take a look at the eight most perfectly cast roles on Arrow and seven that need recasting.


Fans of sci-fi/fantasy TV were instantly excited to see John Barrowman join the cast of Arrow during the first season. For the first part of the show, we watched Moira Queen meet with a mysterious man she was clearly afraid of. She discussed knowing about the shipwreck and a nefarious plot in they were involved in. Finally it was revealed that Barrowman was playing Moira’s mystery partner who turned out to be Tommy’s father Malcolm Merlyn.

Barrowman was known for his captivating and hilarious portrayal of Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood. We hadn’t really seen him as a villain before. However, he immediately drew us in by using all that Jack Harkness charm while simultaneously ruining people’s lives and unapologetically killing those who stood in his way. He was so great in the role, he was kept around long after being outed to the world as a bad guy, even becoming Ra’s al Ghul for awhile. He was able to redeem himself by sacrificing his life to save his daughter Thea. Of course, we never saw him actually die and time travel is a thing, so don’t be surprised to see him pop back into town at some point.

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