Black Panther Killmonger’s 15 Most OP Moments

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What really made “Killmonger” stand out in Black Panther was the fact that he had one of the most understandable motives behind all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe villains to this point. He was still clearly a bad guy, but he was a bad guy who at least had a bit of a method (and reason) to his madness. He brought up some legitimately good points. He just happened to do so in an evil way, driven from a desire for revenge more than anything else.

However, what also stood out about Killmonger is just how impressive he was as a fighter and a planner in the film. Until well into the film, he makes Black Panther look bad as he continuously bests him at every turn. This, of course, is based on Killmonger’s comic book history. He is famous in the comics for just how impressive he is in terms of tested battle prowess. Here, then, is an examination of the 15 most impressively over powered moments in Killmonger’s comic book history.


In Black Panther #37 (by Reginald Hudlin, Francis Portela and Val Staples), Black Panther has to enter the neighboring country of Niganda to rescue his sister, Shuri, who had been captured by Killmonger, who was using the people of Niganda to support his attempt to invade Wakanda (along with an army of mutated animals).

Black Panther shows up and the two men end up fighting, as they often do. The throw-down shows just how shockingly quick Killmonger is for such a big guy — as soon as Black Panther kicks at him, he is able to dodge the kick, grab Panther and then deliver a brutal knee to T’Challa’s chest. This was obviously just the start of a much bigger fight (which is why it is so low on the list) but it shows just why Killmonger is so difficult for Black Panther to face.

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