Black Panther Killmonger’s 15 Most OP Moments

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Over the Edge was a novel concept that Marvel tried out in 1995 where they would do a 99 cent comic book title starring its “Edge” line of comic book characters (Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange and Hulk). This was back when Marvel briefly split its comic book universe into five different “lines;” of which, this would serve as a cheap introduction for new readers to the heroes in the line.

In a Daredevil/Black Panther team-up in Over the Edge #6 (by Ralph Macchio, Robert E. Brown and Mike Witherby), Killmonger makes a shocking return from the dead (with a rather convoluted reason why we saw his bare skeleton the last time he showed up in a comic book) and kills two of Black Panther’s highly trained bodyguards in a matter of seconds.


At the end of Christopher Priest’s epic run on Black Panther, the folks at Marvel decided that they wanted to shake things up in the series. So, they introduced a brand-new Black Panther. Kasper Cole was a half black/half Jewish New York City detective who suddenly found himself thrust into the world of superheroes when he is told that he is the new Black Panther. In the final storyline in the series, Cole decides to fully “ascend” to be the official Black Panther.

He has to defeat Killmonger, however, and in Black Panther #61 (by Priest, Jim Calafiore and Norm Rapmund) it is made clear that Killmonger can kill him in seconds. It is so obvious that they instead work out a deal where Kasper gains powers (from an artificial version of the herb that gives Black Panther powers) and instead became the White Tiger

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