Captain America 20 Of His Shields, Ranked From Worst To Best

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These are somewhat indiscernible from the classic shield design we all know and love, and there’s a reason for that. It turns out that Tony Stark was analyzing the vibranium shield in an attempt to recreate it. In those attempts, a series of steel and vibranium replicas were made, which Captain America regularly took into battle (and which were regularly damaged by opponents).

Truth by told, this is more of a retcon explanation for why so many early storylines showed Cap’s shield getting battered and misshapen. So, if you’re reading an older comic and the shield takes damage, chances are you just saw one of Tony Stark’s weaker replica shields. It’s too bad he couldn’t get the alloy just right, but there’s simply no replacement for the real thing.


In Exiles #9, which takes place on Earth-5692, Mimic finds himself in a universe in which the Skrulls have conquered the Earth, having arrived during the late 1800s, when humanity was not equipped to deal with such an advanced threat. As such, life on Earth is very different from what one might expect. Much of the technology is influenced by the Skrulls, who are also the ruling class on the planet.

The Skrulls enjoy gladiator matches as a primary form of entertainment, and it is into these gladiator matches that Mimic finds himself entered. Eventually, he finds himself face to face with The Captain, Earth-5692’s version of Captain America. This Cap fights only to survive and to entertain, not for justice. His shield is gray and purple and reflects its Skrull origins.

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