Clawing His Way Back The 15 Most Ridiculous Things Wolverine Has Survived

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Ever since his first full appearance in The Incredible Hulk #181, Wolverine has garnered the fascination from throngs of adoring fans. From his mysterious background to his brutal combat tactics, it didn’t take long for Logan to be the poster boy for the X-Men franchise and, to some degree, Marvel Comics itself. But as much as so many fans love to see “The Ol’ Canucklehead” get the upper hand on the scores of enemies he’s accrued over the years, seeing just how tough this diminutive berserker is just as fascinating.

Wolverine’s healing factor comes second to none…well, maybe with the exception of Deadpool’s. But make no mistake, Logan can take a licking and bounce back with relative ease. Having his healing factor put to the test has become a hallmark of the character’s exploits in comic books to the point where sometimes it feels like Wolverine is a glorified “bullet sponge”. This insane level of durability has made the character brave, as well as a little bit over-confident in his abilities. Despite the fact that the Logan we all know and love is currently dead in the Marvel Comics universe (don’t worry, he’s kind of already back), there have been several times where it should have been curtains for him.


The events of the watershed tragedy “Avengers Disassembled,” left several Marvel superheroes in dire straits. One hero in particular was so left unnerved by the whole ordeal, they actually created a false reality where mutants are dominate, thus giving readers the follow up event “House of M.” While this might sound like a pretty good deal if you’re a member of the species Homosuperior, not all X-Men felt that way.

Shortly after waking up in this new world, Wolverine did not take it too well.

With all his memories rushing back to him like a torrent of trauma, a newly self-discovered James Howlett just up and decides to take a swan dive of the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier he was chilling on. While this would kill pretty much the majority of X-Men if they tried this stunt, Wolverine luckily broke his fall…on a skyscraper.

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