Dark Nights Metal 15 Dark Multiverse Justice Leaguers More Powerful Than The Originals

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Hawkman plays a pivotal role shaping the exploration of the Dark Multiverse, peering into the dark long before Batman does the same in “Metal”. For his curiosity and detective work, Carter Hall is trapped deep within the Dark Multiverse, and turned into Barbatos’ dragon keeper of the World Forge. Indeed, when Superman and Batman find themselves traversing the World Forge, they run into this dark Hawkman as their primary adversary.

Although we learn in Hawkman Found #1 that this is an unwilling participation, the dark Hawkman persona is filled with much greater power than the familiar Hawkman of the Justice Society of America. In his “dragon” form, Hawkman is capable of fighting Barbatos himself, and nearly unbeatable save for the influence of reminders of who he used to be.


The Red Death is the most conflicted of the Dark Multiverse Justice League hybrids, primarily due to the lingering presence of Barry Allen. Red Death is introduced in his “Metal” one-shot as Batman wields the combined might of the Flash’s rogues gallery to try and ensnare the speedster. This dark Bruce Wayne’s aim is to use the speed force to travel back in time and prevent the nightmare world from happening. Flash won’t allow him to abuse the time stream in this way, so Batman chains him to the front of a speed-force enabled Batmobile. Yeah, it’s pretty rad.

The merged personality of Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen (with Barry relegated to Bruce’s subsconscious) comes back in a big way later in “Metal”. Like any good Flash, Barry’s heroism means the Red Death is the dark Batman most prepared to sacrifice for what’s right.

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