DC’s 15 Most Powerful Cosmic Villains

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If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a superhero, you might think twice about considering the occupational hazards that await you. We’re not talking about the super-powered criminals that scheme to destroy the earth on a regular basis; we’re talking about the big-league baddies, monsters and aliens who literally eat worlds for breakfast, some of whom even threaten to destroy the entire Multiverse itself.

This kind of evil can’t be stopped by brute strength alone, and in fact the greatest heroes in the DC universe have had to resort to negotiating with some of the fearsome beings on this list because they couldn’t be beaten.


The very embodiment of fear, Parallax is a parasitic entity that travels from world to world causing entire civilizations to destroy themselves out of paranoia. Born at the beginning of time from the yellow end of the emotional spectrum, it was previously thought that Parallax was only the moniker that Hal Jordan took up for himself when he was driven mad by the destruction of his hometown in “Green Lantern vol. 3” #48.

However, in “Green Lantern: Rebirth” (2004) it was revealed that the creature had been imprisoned by the Guardians of the Universe and all knowledge of its existence had been hidden. Sinestro’s power ring awakened it when he was imprisoned in the Power Battery and sensing Sinestro’s hatred for Hal Jordan, the creature spent years secretly influencing him, driving him to eventually give in to his murderous desires and free it. After the Spectre released Jordan, Kyle Rayner became its next host, going on to massacre countless Green Lanterns.

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