DC’s 15 Most Powerful Cosmic Villains

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An extraterrestrial android with a penchant for shrinking cities and adding them to his bottle collection, Brainiac’s most infamous act is shrinking Kandor, Krypton’s capital city. Brainiac made his comic debut in “Action Comics” #242 (1958) but since then his origin story has gone through various changes. In the “The New 52,” it is revealed that his original name is Vril Dox, and that he was the greatest scientist on his homeworld, Yod-Colu. Attempting to save his planet from a group of aliens called The Multitude, he developed miniaturization technology, but was exiled by Yod-Colu’s government and his homeworld was destroyed.

Dox then distributed his consciousness across a series of robots (Brainiacs) that would each travel the universe, shrinking other planets in order to preserve them from the Multitude, hence Brainiac became known as the Collector of Worlds. Along the way, he encountered Krypton (before it was destroyed) and became obsessed with Kryptonians, hence beginning his long history with Superman. His “twelfth level” intelligence, superhuman strength and ability to mimic Kryptonian powers make him one of the DC universe’s most powerful cosmic villains.


The only known individual to wield the power of the orange light, Larfleeze comes from an incredibly long-lived species, and is said to be over several billion years old. His orange light, known as the Orange Light of Avarice, is able to incinerate the Guardians of the Universe and their Manhunters, which is an incredible feat given that the Guardians are immortal uber-powerful beings. In “Green Lantern” #39, the Guardians themselves are afraid of his orange light and offer to leave him alone if he will part with a mysterious box (later revealed to be holding Parallax).

After this another race of immortal beings, the Controllers, attempt to form their own force that will rival the Green Lanterns, and seek out the Orange Light of Avarice to empower themselves. But when they arrive on Okaara, where the Orange Lantern Power Battery is, they are immediately slaughtered by Larfleeze’s Orange Lanterns. This ignites a conflict between Larfleeze and the Guardians of the Universe, and once again the Guardians end up negotiating a peace treaty with Larfleeze in order to protect themselves.

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