DC’s 15 Most Powerful Cosmic Villains

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Another formidable enemy of the Green Lanterns, Nekron is the physical embodiment of death and is directly responsible for the events of “Blackest Night” when he creates black power rings that reanimate the dead, producing a legion of Black Lanterns. Through a cunning plan involving reanimated Batman’s clone, Nekron is able to create black rings that latch on to Superman, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Kid Flash, Animal Man, Ice, Green Arrow and Superboy, transforming them all into Black Lanterns.

Nekron then marches through the universe with his undead army, fully intending to destroy the Guardians of the Universe, because who doesn’t have a vendetta against them? Through a bizarre ritual, involving the brutal sacrifice of Professor Zoom, Nekron brings forth The Entity, the being that gives life to every living thing, aiming to kill it and end all life in the universe.  Thankfully he’s stopped before this can happen but it’s pretty grim. And by the way, don’t try to call Nekron’s soul to judgement; as the manifestation of all that is dark, he doesn’t have one!


It wouldn’t be enough to say that Anti-Monitor is the epitome of evil, given that all of the villains on this list match that description. Instead, it’s better to describe it as the very opposite of goodness, a being dedicated to destroying everything that exists outside of its own anti-matter universe. Having spent a billion years battling the Monitor, its arch-nemesis and the epitome of everything positive, the two of them fell into unconsciousness for a further 9 billion years, until brilliant (but stupid) scientist Pariah accidentally awakened both of them, sealing the Multiverse’s doom.

During “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, the Anti-Monitor succeeded in collapsing the current Multiverse, and in attempting to destroy Earth One brought on the Shadow Demon War which results in the deaths of many heroes and villains. It took the combined efforts of superheroes and villains to weaken it, and even then, it was only destroyed after Superman punched it into a star. On a side note, Alexander Luthor Jr. created a “paradise dimension” as a home for some of the heroes whose Earths were destroyed, but unfortunately this leads to Superboy Prime going insane!

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