High Holy Rollers 25 Powerful Marvel Space Gods Ranked

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The Marvel Comics universe is a place chock full of powerful and neigh omniscient characters. Without even acknowledging the gods themselves, you have individuals like Thanos and Ultron running around, who alone present a threat to the entire universe. On the other side of the coin, there’s heroes like the Silver Surfer, Hulk, and Adam Warlock, who are capable of punching planets in half or rearranging time and space; few mortals can hope to stand up against these top tier heroes. Yet in spite of all the powers these heroes and villains possess, unless they wield a weapon like the Infinity Gauntlet or the Ultimate Nullifier, they just don’t match up to any of the space gods who inhabit and make up the Marvel Multiverse.

It also makes things confusing, as many self-proclaimed gods are just that: self-proclaimed. Even so, there is a vast multitude of gods, many of which have contributed to molding the fabric of reality, as we know it. However, all gods are not created equal; some are vastly stronger than others. There are even deities who transcend the conventional description of gods as they are beyond most mortals’ comprehension. Today at  we’re counting down 25 of Marvel’s most powerful space gods.


When it comes to problems with family members that occasionally threaten the entire universe, Thor has it worst then most. The heroic God of Thunder and one of the founding members of the Avengers, it’s bad enough that he has to take gruff from his father, but having to put up with his genocidal uncle takes the cake. First appearing in Fear Itself #1, Cul Borson, otherwise known as the Serpent, is the brother to Odin, the All-Father; Cul Borson A remarkably powerful god and is the living embodiment of fear. Responsible for kicking off the event “Fear Itself”, the early moments throughout the mini-series featured Odin fearing his own brother so much that the All-Father fled the Earth. He ordered his Asgardians subjects to follow him, as he prepared to raze the planet, cleansing the world to ensure Cul couldn’t acquire a foothold by way of Earth’s people; doing so would boost his power.

Nearly as mighty as Odin, few mortals can challenge Cul.

He once ripped Captain America’s shield to pieces, created a slew of magical hammers to empower various heroes and villains and turn them into his subjects, and even killed Thor. Cul even once created his own Asgard, can reanimate the dead, the turn into a giant serpent, hence his name.

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