Infinity War 15 Characters Ranked By How Likely They Are To Put Down Thanos

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In just a few weeks, Avengers: Infinity War will be in theaters worldwide. For years now, we’ve known the big bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was Thanos and we’ve been collectively waiting for the time to come when the Mad Titan would lay siege on Earth and force every hero to team up. Like in the comics, this is going to be a all-hands-on-deck kind of situation. Everyone (excluding Marvel’s Netflix and ABC heroes) is going to be called in to help fight the fight that no single Avenger can fight alone. With Thanos’ quest to destroy half of the universe, odds are this will be one battle that will leave their mark on the MCU.

While people are pondering over who’ll survive Thanos’ campaign, folks should also be considering who is going to stop the malevolent Titan? Someone has to beat him! At least that’s the assumption. With such a plethora of heroes to choose from, it could be anyone. Granted some heroes are more powerful than others, but in a fight like this, it’s going to require more than brute force to beat Thanos and his minions. Today at CBR, we’re looking at which heroes in the MCU have the best (and worst) chance of taking down Thanos.


With nothing but a bow and arrow, Hawkeye often finds himself out of his league when dealing with aliens or homicidal robots. Even so, he’s proven capable of holding his own in the face of threats that are leagues above his pay grade. Having already spent oodles of time making trick arrows for any occasion, there’s always the chance he’s crafting one super awesome arrow specifically designed to take down living gods.

Hawkeye is also an oddity; we haven’t seen any mention or sight of him in any of the Avengers: Infinity War trailers. Where is he and what’s he doing if he’s not fighting Thanos? Is he being saved for an especially epic moment? It’s not outside the realm of possibility, but having Thanos getting defeated by an arrow would be an unsatisfying conclusion to many.

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