Infinity War 15 Characters Ranked By How Likely They Are To Put Down Thanos

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Peter Parker, the ever so amazing Spider-Man, is a relatively new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The arachnid-based superhero might have the proportional strength, speed, and agility of a spider, but that doesn’t mean he’s anywhere close to being in league with Thanos. That said, Spidey will be donning the Iron Spider costume we saw at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, but that’ll only give him the tiniest sliver of a fighting chance.

Still, we’re not terribly worried for Spider-Man. Tom Holland is already on board with making a sequel to his last Spider-Man movie, so while Spidey isn’t known for delivering the smackdown on universe-threatening villains, he’ll definitely help out and save whoever he can and do whatever is necessary for his fellow heroes to beat Thanos.

13. LOKI

Ever the trickster, Thor’s half-brother Loki is known for having allegiances to one person only: himself. Though he might have found redemption in Thor: Ragnarok, we’ve seen before that it doesn’t take much for Loki to fall off the good guy wagon and become an instrument of chaos.

While Loki might not be as strong as Thor, he’s plenty powerful and can take care of himself in a scuffle. When Thanos comes knocking, it looks pretty evident that Loki, if only to save himself, is going to assist the Mad Titan. After all, Loki is the one with the Cosmic Cube, which he apparently hands over to Thanos. The hows and whys are a little unclear, but knowing Loki, he’s not going to make any outwardly bold moves against Thanos. If anything, Loki will bide his time to see who’s going to win, before he allies himself with anyone.

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