Infinity War 20 Fan Theories About The Soul Stone That Turned Out Wrong

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The Soul Stone has arguably been one of the biggest mysteries within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the first Thor film introduced the Tesseract as a mysterious source of power that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been experimenting on as they brought Erik Selvig onboard, it’s been a very long drawn out hunt gathering all the locations of all the Infinity Stones. And now that Avengers: Infinity War has finally arrived, we now know where the final Stone was being hidden.

But for a long time in the run up to the huge ensemble film, it wasn’t 100% clear where it was, and there’s definitely some red herrings thrown out by Marvel. And since the internet picked up early on the obvious missing Stone, it did what it does best: speculate. Pulling in theories made up of information from the comics lore, upcoming movies and surprising character traits — we’ve looked into some of the most interesting Soul Stone theories that actually turned out to be false. From Wakanda, Heimdall and even mirror universes, we’ve really gone down the rabbit hole on this one. Here is your final spoiler warning before you read 20 fan theories about the Soul Stone that turned out wrong.


Whilst the first Thor film might’ve established Norse mythology into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the franchise thundered on it became very clear that whilst Asgard and the Gods were ethereal and mystical — they were just extremely advanced aliens. It was a great way of introducing these characters whilst still ensuring there was a practical backstory. And this is where fans began looking for hints towards the Soul Stone.

With some thinking Heimdall had the Stone and used it to see all the souls in the cosmos, there was another prominent theory many had their eye on.

Screen Rant suggested that the Soul Stone was actually behind Odin’s eye patch. No, really. And to be fair, it does make sense. Having the Infinity Stone as the source of the ‘Odinforce’ explains his immense power. We know from Thor and Thor: The Dark World that Odin waged wars across the nine realms to ensure its’ safety, this could also have been to keep the Stone happy, since it requires souls to feed it. It even explains another theory, that Heimdall was given the powers of the Soul Stone since it allows the user to share its abilities with anyone it chooses. However, this clearly wasn’t the case by the time Infinity War rolled around, but it would’ve worked so well.


Out of all the characters that could have the Soul Stone, Scarlet Witch seemed like one of the least likely. But one theory on reddit seemed to think that this was a red herring to hide the true location of the Stone and explain the true extent of her powers. Specifically, it refers back to her actions during Captain America: Civil Warand what supposedly really happened at the end of the airport fight scene.

When Vision accidentally shoots down War Machine, the theory suggests that since Wanda was in close vicinity of Vision at the time, she was able to manipulate the powers that the Mind Stone grants him. And since Infinity Stones do sense when others are near, that does make some sense. However the theory doesn’t attempt to dive into the reasoning behind Scarlet Witch having the Soul Stone in the first place, only suggesting that it’s the two Stones that are attracted to each other and not Wanda or Vision. Plus, it would make more sense that she’s strangely attracted to the Mind Stone since that’s how Wanda and Pietro originally got their powers before Age of Ultron’s beginning. We’re not surprised Kevin Feige didn’t choose Wanda as the keeper of the Stone.

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