Infinity War 8 Characters We Hope Come Back (And 7 We Don’t Ever Need To See Again)

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There’s a surprising amount of logic to the potential return of Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger back on screen (and in a mere three months). For starters, Killmonger is Marvel’s most popular villain since Loki, and we know from trailer footage that Thanos and his invading Black Order will threaten Wakanda’s borders. Could this invasion lead to a revealed Infinity Stone resurrecting T’Challa’s greatest foil?

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As much as we’d want to see more of Killmonger (in literally any capacity), such a quick revival would greatly diminish the ending and conclusion of Black Panther. It’s not unreasonable to take issue with the creative choice to let Killmonger die at the film’s end, but given that direction, bringing him back so soon lessens the war for Wakanda too significantly.


Despite roles in the first two Captain America movies, and two short seasons of ABC’s Agent Carter, the possibilities of Peggy Carter as a leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. still feel enormous. Peggy, as played by the excellent Hayley Atwell, is still one of the best female heroes in the MCU, and deserving of a proper shot at S.H.I.E.L.D. leadership.

Plus, the MCU badly mishandled the living Agent Carter, with Sharon’s appearances as Steve’s (sudden, rushed, not-Bucky) romantic interest leaving no impact. Unless of course you count the number of theater-goers asking themselves why Captain America was dating his ex-girl’s niece. While we like the character of Sharon Carter in Marvel Comics, the MCU’s stronger version is clearly Peggy Carter. The entire MCU would be better off with more of her.

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