Iron Man: 15 Characters Only True Fans Knew Wore His Armor

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In Iron Man’s 55-year history, Tony Stark has sported countless armors. But, not as well known as Stark’s various inventions, are the multitude of other heroes and villains who’ve worn Iron Man armor. One of the most notable cases is Stark’s best friend, James Rhodes. Rhodes temporarily took over the role of Iron Man for a spell, before settling into a long career as War Machine. In recent years, the most popular new Iron Avenger is Riri Williams, the young science prodigy who has taken the Marvel Universe by force as Ironheart.

There’ve been many lesser known faces to slide into an Iron Man helmet. From other high-profile superheroes to supporting characters that you’d never expect to don the armor, there are no limits to who can take the suit for a ride. Often times, these characters will only pilot the armor for a story arc or even just a single issue. Other times the story is occurring in an alternate universe, where a different character permanently plays the role of Iron Man. Most of them are heroes — but on several occasions, villains have gotten their hands on Stark’s beloved armor and have used it to wreak havoc. Here areĀ 15 characters you probably never knew wore Iron Man armor.


Hank Pym’s evil brainchild Ultron has long proved to be a formidable enemy for anyone in the Marvel Universe. The destructive A.I. always finds a way to keep coming back, no matter how many of its bodies are destroyed by the Avengers. In one case, Ultron came back with the help of a suit of Iron Man armor.

The sequence of events began with Stark trying to use Jocasta to reprogram a new suit of armor.

Jocasta was an android created by Ultron who Ultron wanted to marry at one point (weird). When Stark was fiddling with the armor, it gained sentience and wreaked havoc before being shut down by Stark. A while later, Ultron bonded with Stark’s failed armor, using it to house his conscientiousness for the time being.

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