Run Down 15 Things Reverse-Flash Can Do (That Flash Can’t)

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The DC Universe is a place in no shortage of great and popular villains. You have everyone from the Joker and Lex Luthor to Deathstroke, Black Adam and Sinestro, and this is just only to name a select few. These villains are just as fascinating as the heroes they fight, and they have just as many fans as their heroic counterparts. All of these villains hold great power, and they have posed a great threat to the DCU as a whole. Whether it’s the planet or unassuming citizens, these villains have left their mark, and for no one is that more true than the Reverse-Flash.

Eobard Thawne has always been one of the greatest dangers of the DC Universe. It’s true in the comics, and it’s clearly been the case in the Arrowverse as well, where he made his live action debut. The character hails from the 25th century, where his obsession with the Flash led him to harness the power of super-speed for himself. However, while the Flash taps into the Speed Force, Eobard taps into something else: the Negative Speed Force, an equal and opposite force which gives him similar, but also different, powers. Today, lists 15 things the Reverse-Flash can do that Flash can’t.


In The CW’s Flash television series, viewers were taken aback when Harrison Wells was revealed to be the man in the yellow costume. It didn’t seem possible, considering the two had been seen together at the same time. But this was just the first example of the Reverse-Flash moving so fast that he was able to create duplicates of himself. This isn’t a case of time travel, but of unmatched speed.

We have seen Flash be in two places at once before, but this was mostly a case of temporal manipulation (or doppelgängers). Eobard Thawne, however, has such power that he can create another version of himself to interact with. His other self can speak, and it can interact with others. They don’t even appear to vibrate at a high speed, a trick that makes him all the more dangerous.

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