Thanos 15 Weird Facts You Never Knew About The Mad Titan’s Body

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Everyone is afraid of the big, bad Thanos! He has snapped his fingers and killed off half of the universe. He is obsessed with Death and nihilism, a philosophy which requires extreme skepticism against anything in the world really existing. With these things in mind, Thanos has made it his mission to impress Death by committing atrocity after atrocity to gain her love and embrace. It is a lifelong goal that never seems to work out for the Mad Titan as his relationship with her is often one-sided, but it isn’t like he hasn’t gone against her wishes.

Thanos is a native of Titan, a satellite that orbited around Saturn and was the home to a race of Eternals named Titanians. It was obliterated by nuclear devices that Thanos set off on the satellite and killed many Titanians, including his mother. Now he’s about to make a big splash in the MCU in the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War. He is seen without any armor, but he does bear the Infinity Gauntlet with a couple of Infinity Stones already in place. While the power of the Infinity Gauntlet makes the Mad Titan hard to defeat, Thanos is already biologically predisposed for conquest, thanks to the following little known facts about his weird, weird body!


Thanos is considered to be the most powerful Titan to ever exist, which he made sure of when he decided to destroy his home world with some nuclear devices. He was young, but relentless and sociopathic as he blew up the planet, with his own mom still on it. The Mad Titan was always interested in power, so he decided to enhance his body by giving himself bionic improvements to his already very strong frame.

This gave him the strength to fight off heroes like the Hulk and Odin. He’s even fought Galactus and held his own against the world devourer, recently decapitating him with a casual wave of his hand. Thanos’ bionic amplifications helped him fight off Thor even when the God of Thunder possessed the Power Gem in Silver Surfer #88. He’s even punched away the Hulk using only his brute strength against the green giant. Oh, and he did it with one hand.

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