The 15 Best Marvel Movie Fights

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Batman versus Superman. Professor X versus Magneto. Spider-Man versus Venom. Over the years, comic book movies have shown some of the most impressive smack-downs between superpower-wielding titans. These battles often stand out in their individual movies and leave viewers talking for weeks after a blockbuster’s initial release.

In April 2017, Marvel was kind enough to grace us with the awesome first trailer to “Thor: Ragnarok.” The highlight of the trailer was most definitely the build up to the “Gladiator” style showdown between Thor and the Hulk. This event is the fight that all Marvel fans are craving to see, and got us in the mood to go back and check out some of the MCU’s other superpowered beatdowns! So read on and check out our countdown of the 15 most amazing Marvel movie fights!


“Iron Man 3” was met with mixed reception from critics and fans. Though the film was beaming with snappy dialogue and a unique directorial vision from Shane Black, the twist did detract from the enjoyment for some fans. Instead of going toe-to-toe with ol’ Shellhead, Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin was revealed to be an actor employed to be a face of evil. Hired by Guy Pierce’s Aldrich Killian, “the Mandarin” was a puppet who served no real true purpose in the story.

That being said, those who enjoy the film do so because the final action sequence made up for this bait-and-switch. Killian, a long time admirer-turned-hater of Tony Stark, finally came face-to-face with the man he had grown to despise. Meanwhile, Tony Stark (who spent a majority of the film questioning whether or not he was good enough to don the armor again) sees his brainpower and physical talents come to fruition. The two battle in a visually impressive, high stakes battle of personal merit that certainly gives the film a better reputation than some argue it’s worth.

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