The 15 Best Marvel Movie Fights

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The final battle of “The Avengers” was nothing but satisfying. In 2012’s team up of monumental proportions, comic book fans were finally treated to seeing countless stars and personalities meet in a snappy, comedic and well-planned picture. The large majority of this satisfaction was because to the Battle of New York. After Loki summoned the Chitauri, the Avengers went into full action mode and beat down some aliens. Seeing Hawkeye’s building jump while firing an arrow felt thrilling, the Hulk’s gargantuan terror was exciting, and the diversion of a nuclear missile by Iron Man was adrenaline inducing.

Though some could argue that the remaining Chitauri dying at the end wasn’t a true victory, the Battle of New York represented more than that. It was the culmination of differing ideologies coming together for a true purpose. Seeing the Avengers team working as a unit and take down some aliens and save the people of New York was phenomenal and a perfect ending to this first historical team up.


“Ant-Man” was the movie that Marvel took a gamble on. Though a beloved character by comic book fans, Ant-Man is not nearly as well known as Thor, Captain America, or most other pre-existing properties. Some bad buzz surrounded the film after original director Edgar Wright left the project and rumors circulated that Marvel wanted Wright to incorporate more tie-ins to the larger MCU.

Some worried that this notoriously unpopular “studio interference” would lead to unnecessarily forced cameos. Luckily, the MCU tie-in that was incorporated into the film was superb. When breaking into the Avengers headquarters, Scott Lang unfortunately runs into Falcon. The two newest Avengers then break into a hilarious and surprisingly fulfilling fight. Seeing Falcon’s very choreographed and military trained style mix with Scott Lang’s clumsy awkwardness was fantastically funny and exactly what “Ant-Man” was all about. The juxtaposition of the two styles, most importantly, further pushed Scott Lang on his journey to finishing his training.

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