The 15 Best Marvel Movie Fights

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Often underrated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the “Thor” movies boast their own unique variety of action. Many who are fascinated by the new “Ragnarok” trailer may think back upon the first impressive 2011 film from Kenneth Branagh. Truly showcasing Thor’s power, one of the most memorable sequences comes towards the end of the film when the Norse demigod faced off against the Ice Giants.

Both visually impressive and climactically apt, the face-off was foreshadowed at the beginning of the film and carried out to fruition at the film’s end. Though the mind games between Thor and Loki are thoroughly compelling throughout the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, this battle was truly action packed and a perfect conclusion to the theatrical epic. It showcased Thor’s power and embodied the well-edited and intense feeling that the entire film boasted. Not to mention, this sequence left viewers feeling like they immediately needed more Thor, Loki, Odin and Jane Foster.


There is a good case to be made that “Guardians of the Galaxy” is Marvel’s best film. Though it is not as monumental in scale as “The Avengers” or character-driven as “Iron Man,” the film is still absurdly entertaining. With its own brand of character building through humor and its own brand of world building by James Gunn’s impressive visual designs, “Guardians” isolates itself. It is truly independent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and stands alone in the best possible way.

Though Ronan the Accuser is not the most memorable Marvel villain of all time, he certainly plays his role in “Guardians.” By threatening to destroy the galaxy with an Infinity Stone, the Guardians are thrown into action to stop the nefarious scheme. The film’s offbeat humor and promotion of teamwork all come together in the film’s final showdown: Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill sings and dances to distract Ronan. In doing so, he allows for the other Guardians to steal the Gem away from the fiend and save the galaxy. Though simpler than the bombastic action that came before it, this dance was perfectly in Quill’s character and gave the most worthwhile chuckle of the entire picture.

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