The 15 Creepiest Women In Comics

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There’s been a lot of buzz about girl power and positive female representation in comics. The Strong Female Character™ has her place as a role model, but not all women are strong, brave, smart, sexy Mary Sue heroines. The creepy female character also deserves her due, be it as a complex villain, an unreliable side character or even a disturbing protagonist. Those goth kids need their role models, too.

Think of how simple and squeaky-clean your favorite comics would be without creepy women shaking things up. They drive plots, set the narrative tone, add depth and, of course, make comic books more enjoyable, especially for fans of horror. Ah, the creepy comic book woman. She’s the bitters in your Manhattan, the wasabi on your sushi, the warning written in blood. To celebrate this humble yet indispensable character, here are the 15 creepiest women in comics that we wouldn’t want to live without.


Delirium is one of the seven Endless in “The Sandman,” by Neil Gaiman. All seven siblings are a touch creepy, what with their godlike status, immortality and ability to ruin mortal lives. But Delirium’s creepiness stands out in a different way. Her appearance constantly shifts except for her two mismatched eyes. The words that come out of her mouth are strange, made stranger with uneven, wobbly lettering and hypnotically colored word bubbles. But it seems like Delirium means well, when she means anything.

The creep factor comes in because Delirium is much more than a mad little girl. She’s part of the Endless, a group that represents different aspects of the human condition. The implications are unsettling. Of course, there’s also the question that’s been plaguing/intriguing Delirium fans. She used to be Delight until something happened to her. The details of that traumatic episode have been lost even to the Endless. Delirium is creepy enough to make the list, but she lacks the malice to be further up.

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