The 15 Creepiest Women In Comics

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Poison Ivy, aka Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, is Gotham’s iconic, sexy eco-terrorist. She’s gone through a few transformations in the hands of different creators, but what remains the same is that she is part plant and will happily to kill people to get what she wants. Just because Poison Ivy makes the crossover between the plant and animal kingdoms look good doesn’t mean that it’s not profoundly unsettling — not to mention dangerous — to those around her. She uses her powers and her intelligence to subdue, terrify and kill her chosen enemy: humanity.

The incarnation of Poison Ivy in “Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death” is a friendlier sort. She has friends, kids, even a regular day job. Making sporlings in a lab is disturbing, but it’s not half as bad as poisoning a city to make a statement. This Poison Ivy is still creepy, but a villainess/anti-heroine trying to have it all softens her image.


The concept of the Phoenix Force in the X-Men universe is already kind of creepy on its own. It’s a primal force of destruction and rebirth camping out in bodies of already powerful people. Anything that needs to borrow flesh, and sometimes minds, to do what it wants is kind of disturbing. But Dark Phoenix is worse. The Phoenix Force already has the power to corrupt or break those who can’t control or contain it. Dark Phoenix is the corruption of someone who can, or could.

The desires of Dark Phoenix are wanton destruction and casual genocide, but with Jean Grey’s emotions and affections intact, sometimes it seems human. We’re never quite sure how much of the bad things Dark Phoenix does have a bit of Jean Grey in them. The saying is that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and to see the transformation of Jean Grey from caring human to cruel god is deeply unsettling.

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