The 15 Creepiest Women In Comics

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12. DEVI D.

It’s not Devi’s fault that she’s creepy. She just wanted to live her life like a more-or-less normal struggling artist. But after a brush with Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, she hasn’t been the same. Devi D. is the protagonist of “I Feel Sick,” by Jhonen Vasquez, best known for “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” and “Invader Zim.” Vasquez brings the same frenetic, unsettling, darkly humorous style to “I Feel Sick.”

Devi’s last painting is Sickness, a creepy little doll that looks like her. After that, she can’t seem to get anything else on a canvas. It turns out that’s the fault of Sickness, which threatens to turn Devi D. into a homicidal maniac, too. Though Devi D. thwarts Sickness’ plans for her, she does so in violent manner and in a way that keeps Sickness in her life, just controlled. (No one gets a perfectly happy ending from Vasquez.) Devi D. seems like a mostly nice person, but bad things will always happen around her, and she keeps a doll painting of herself with pins in its eyes in her apartment.


Okay, so Lady Deathstrike’s origins and motivations aren’t the most rational and consistent, but no one really remembers how feuds start, right? Even if her beginnings are a bit of a jumble, she ends up as an exciting villain in the X-Men universe. First of all, it can’t be ignored that Lady Deathstrike has a disturbing look. Her hands are horrible slashing, piercing claws. But looking weird isn’t the end of it. Unlike Wolverine, who was forced to undergo painful, life-threatening adamantium enhancement, Lady Deathstrike did so willingly.

She didn’t even stop there, becoming a cyborg, all to enact revenge. It’s one thing when a villain establishes her motivations by how she views herself or the world order; there’s a rationale to what she wants to do. Lady Deathstrike doesn’t work that way. You can cross her, and that’s the end of it. She’ll do anything to restore whatever honor she and her family have left.

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